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Sustainaville Case Study

Using Games Based Learning in a Secondary School

This case study looks at the use of the Sustainaville games based learning product in a secondary school. The workshop * was delivered by Mary Dees from games-ED. It was held in Central Foundation Girls School, Tower Hamlets (CFGS). The class was made up of a year 8 tutor group aged between twelve and thirteen. The workshop was held on 9th March  2011.

The workshop and learning approach proved a real success and achieved significant learning improvements – 88% improvement in subject understanding and between a 57% and 65% improvement in personal, learning and thinking skills. The pupils enjoyed the challenge of running a virtual town. They said that they took away important messages about the need to look after people and the environment. They also came away with a sense of perspective - “Be grateful for what you have.”


Please read the Sustainaville Case Study to discover more on learning outcomes and the thoughts of the pupils and staff.

I liked having control over Sustainaville and being depended on by citizens I loved the maths part when adding prices.

The students were engaged in the activity and enjoyed seeing the results of their decisions.

* Sustainaville can also be used in a single lesson or to anchor a topic.

Assistant Head


Using games based learning in a Liverpool City of Culture event.

Sustainaville Central Foundation Girls School Case Study

Cover of (with link to) Central Foundation Girl's School educational workshop case study.