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Sustainaville Case Study

Using Games Based Learning in a Primary School

Sustainaville games based learning product was delivered in an educational workshop * in Mellor Primary School, Stockport on 20th December 2010. The class was made up of a split year group aged between nine and eleven.

The workshop and learning approach proved a real success and achieved significant learning improvements – 67% improvement in subject understanding and between a 40% and 70% improvement in personal, learning and thinking skills. The children enjoyed the challenge of running a virtual town. They said that the workshop was fun and took away important messages about the need to look after people and the planet. They also came away with a sense of perspective - “It is harder than I thought to run a town.”

Please read the Sustainaville Case Study to discover more on learning outcomes and the thoughts of the pupils and staff.

I will take away… planning, working together, making the right decisions.

Pupils and teacher from Mellor Primary School standing in front of main screen of Sustainaville games based learning. Cover of (with link to) games-ED - Games Based Situated Learning Theory paper.

Sustainaville Primary School Case Study

Teacher and pupils from Mellor Primary School celebrate building a sustainable community

The workshop pulled together many elements – working together, impact of managing and dealing with other people who have differing opinions, dealing with consequences of actions, environmental issues, dealing with money, managing a budget plus many more.

Press Release: Christmas Comes Early for Children at Mellor Primary School, Stockport.

* Sustainaville can also be used in a single lesson or to anchor a topic.

Teacher / Deputy Head