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Pdf Flier for games-ED games based learning. Powerpoint presentation of games-ED Sustainaville games based learning programme. pixelfountain learning simulations form the basis of the games-ed games based learning.


games-ED products are built on firm foundations. In fact, they are built on successful learning simulations from pixelfountain, where they have been delivered to adults and young people in over 450 workshops.


slideshare logo: link to games-ED profile and content. Picassa logo: link to games-ED photos and and screen dumps of games based learning. Flickr logo: linlk to games-Ed photos and games based learning screen dumps. Cover of (with link to) games-ED - Games Based Situated Learning Theory paper.


Please contact us, if would like to know more about games-ED games based learning.

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Games Based Situated Learning Paper


We are interested to hear what you think about games-ED. We are very keen to know what the education sector is looking for. Please join us on our Facebook page, Google+ page or follow us on Twitter or Pinterest.

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Cover of (with link to) Mellor Primary School educational workshop case study.

Sustainaville Primary School Case Study


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Cover of (with link to) Central Foundation Girl's School educational workshop case study.

Sustainaville Central Foundation Girls School Case Study

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Cover of (with link to) games-ED - Games Based Learning Analysis and Planning Tool.

Games Based  Learning Analysis and Planning Tool

Follow me on Twitter: Paul Ladley tweets about games based learning, learning simulations and wot not. External Page: Paul Ladley’s profile on Cover of (with link to) games-ED - Gamification, Education and Behavioural Economics.

Gamification, Education and Behavioural Economics Paper