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The Need

Valpak had acquired the UK license to distribute ECO – Battle with Detritus. This is a resource management game aimed at young people. The game offers a fun way to learn about the environment and could be used in schools or in the home.

Valpak were unsure how best to distribute the game to the intended target audience and asked us to offer consultancy to help them prepare the game for the educational and home market.

The Solution

We set up a review panel and worked with a number of schools to discover

The objectives of the pilot were to discover:

  1. To understand environmental issues such as waste, energy and pollution.
  2. To encourage problem solving and decision making (critical thinking).
  3. To encourage group working and discussion.
  4. To motivate individuals to apply the learning to their own lives.

We also developed additional materials to support the games based learning.


We provided a comprehensive report that analysed feedback from young people, students and teachers. We made recommendations including how to modify the game, how best to use it in an educational setting, and how to take the product to market.

Testing games based learning in the classroom.