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Benefits of Games Based Learning

Features Checklist

Games based learning, (suitable for Year 6) played as a whole class.  Can be used with governors and parents/community.

Don’t need an IT suite - just a laptop & projector.

Specifically designed for education use and integrated into the curriculum.

High quality shared learning experience, unlike standalone games, that supports multiple learning conversations.

Pupils make the decisions but the teacher / facilitator remains in control.

Easy to use with comprehensive teaching instructions and web support.

Support exercises to extend the learning into micro topics.

Integrated (summative) assessment and criteria for observing learning outcomes.

Licence or educational workshop.

Checklist based on games based learning needs identified by Becta.

Using games based learning in a Liverpool City of Culture event.


(Primary Games Based Learning)

Key Stage 2 Applications

Sustainaville - Geography / Citizenship / PSHE / Eco-Schools / Sustainable Schools / Enterprise

The Climate Game - Geography / Science / Eco-Schools

Report screen of The Climate Game on-line games based learning. Link to: Sustainaville games based learning product demo: image = main graphic. Prices

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