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Plan > Do > Review

The three rounds of the game are structured around plan > do > review. The rounds get progressively faster, with the first round taking 25 minutes. Round two is allocated 15 minutes and round three is completed in 10 minutes. This leaves 10 minutes for further reflection and contingency. Note: the game is rich enough to run over a longer period of time than a 1 hour lesson, if required.

The round structure creates natural break points in the game play. This ensures that the educator remains in control and can steer as necessary. The games-ED approach is fun, but that is not at expense of learning outcomes.  

Plan (5 minutes)

Review (5 minutes)

Do (15 minutes)

3 Iterations

Sustainaville games based learning product: main graphic Report screen of Young People First games based learning product. Report screen of Sustainaville games based learning product. Score screen of our Sustainaville games based learning product. Worksheet used be learners when playing the games based learning.

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