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The cost of a Project Based Learning Course is dependent on what package you require.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will suggest a quote.

Phone: 0161 427 8684


Project Based Learning Courses

What is Project Based Learning (PBL)?

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a way of teaching children through projects. The children are given a topic or goal and they must complete a project around it. One of our blog articles discussed the benefits of PBL, click here to read it. It is an extremely engaging way of learning that enables children to see the real-world value of the knowledge they gain. For an example of a school that heavily uses PBL, read this blog article.

Our Approach and Expertise

The skills that we use to develop games combined with our ability to deliver training enables us to run PBL programmes themed around developing a game. For some examples of our previous PBL programmes see our Climate Crew and Eco Busters examples at the bottom right hand side of this page.

Our project based programmes can be tailored to suit your needs. However, the goal of the project will usually be to develop a computer game. Up to that point students would learn about game design, programming, media skills, business skills and so on. The projects are designed to teach a myriad of 21st century skills in a fun, engaging way.

Target Audience

We can hold workshops for your school in lesson time, enrichment weeks or in after school clubs.

The workshops can be tailored to suit different age groups. However, they are likely to be best suited to those over the age of 10. Depending on what level the children are at though, programmes could be run earlier.

Method of Delivery

This is very much dependent on the project you wish to run and how long you have to run it. The game project could run across several lessons/workshops. These could run over a whole term, enrichment week etc. Each workshop could introduce new skills. For example, the first week could introduce game design, the second: media skills, the third: programming and so on.

The students will be divided into teams and a project manager will oversee the project. They can even work on the project outside of structured lessons. The project will culminate in a game that can be played by the children or even sold on.

We are flexible, contact us for more information.

Skills gained from the Project:

• Game design skills

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Climate Crew

Climate Crew developed skills and experience while creating a climate change game.

Over four workshops children

learnt creative skills, game

design, game build and tested

their game.

Teacher quote: “The

students thoroughly enjoyed

the project… They have gained fantastic skills!”

For more information click here.

Eco Busters

Eco Busters was the winning idea from a games design workshop in St. Helens. The workshop was held for primary school aged children in 2011 and began the process of designing a recycling game.

Each of the five schools

submitted an idea and

over the day children learnt

about game design in a fun

and engaging way.

For more information click here.

Using games based learning in a Liverpool City of Culture event. Main menu of Climate Crew on-line games based learning.