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June 2011

Paul Ladley (games-ED) recently wrote an article on games based learning for Headteacher Update (page 36).

The article looks at the debate around games based learning and considers what educators and developers need to think about to when using / creating games based learning products.

Paul Ladley (games-ED) will be delivering demonstration and discussion of Sustainaville at Education and Technology Conference 2011 on June 28th. games-ED are also exhibiting at the show.

May 2011

April 2011

On the road

March 2011

On the road

Edit:Post the exhibition we delivered a workshop. Click here to look at the case study.

February 2011

Young People First and The Climate Game Complete

Our two latest products have just been finalised. The Climate Change game covers (drum roll) climate change and fits into the geography and science curriculum. Young People First is centred around the Every Child Matters agenda and fits into PHSE, sociology, citizenship, health & social care and public policy and children’s issues.  

January 2011

Launch of games-ED at BETT

Games-ED is exhibiting at BETT in Olympia on the 11th - 13th of January. This is our first year, obviously, so we have no idea what to expect.

Edit: Our stand was tiny compared to the likes of Microsoft and Adobe, but still a couple of hundred people came to talk to us. We got a great reaction and in fact a number of people have subsequently written about us:

Dominic Norrish on Novatia Blog wrote, “Sustainaville takes the approach of using a single class version of a SimCity-like game to inspire groups to tackle various urban problems, co-ordinating their approach with other groups and debating decisions before they are modelled by the game. A great approach to developing thinking and team-working skills.”

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June 2011

The NMC Horizon Report series identifies and describes emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on teaching, learning, research, or creative expression within education around the globe. Games based learning is highlighted as one of 6 technologies to watch. More information can be found on our games based learning blog including a summary of the 2011 report along with some of our own thoughts

May 2011

When Will Educators Get Serious About Gaming?

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, Bruce Dixon asked, “What's holding [games based learning] progress back? Is it that gaming, by its very name, cannot be taken seriously by the wider education community, or indeed the wider community in general? Is it possible that gaming is only now starting to reach a level of "maturity" and sophistication from an affordable technology perspective, that it can finally provide what might be to be "serious opportunities for learning"? Or is it something that might be seen as driving what could be called subversive pedagogy?

Whatever the reason, it's time we thought beyond the fundamental research around the value, impact and opportunities game-based learning provides, and spent some time trying to leverage the evidence we do have be presenting it to a much broader community.

I certainly agree with Bruce on this last point and I shared some evidence in a recent blog post (Proof of the Pudding). I also make a specific reponse to the above HBR article in my blog.

April 2011

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supports games based learning in the US

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today announced a suite of investments, totaling more than $20 million, focused on identifying and expanding promising cutting-edge learning resources such as games based learning that support teachers and students and bring innovative new instructional approaches into America's classrooms. Read more at the HuffPost Education.

March 2011

Game-Based Learning Webinar Series

The ed-Web blog has announced an innovative program that will provide a forum where educators, publishers, and game developers to come together to discuss guidelines and current practices, and most importantly, to share ideas to advance this emerging field. The first webinar will be Tuesday, March 29th at 4PM Eastern Time. "An Introduction to Game-Based Learning" will be presented by Lee Wilson, President of PCI Education.

Computer games become a class act

BBC look at the pros (engagement and motivation) and cons (cost of console hardware, gimmicky and lack of curriculum focus) of using games in the classroom. Full article here.

Our thoughts: Purpose built games based learning eradicates the cons.

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