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Games Design Workshop

Designing a Recycling Game with Primary Schools in St Helens

The workshop was run as part of the St. Helens Local Area Partnership Climate Change Project. The workshop was held on the 25th January 2011 and began the process of designing a recycling game. The workshop was facilitated by Paul Ladley (games-ED) and officers from St.Helens Council.

The workshop was split into three parts:

  1.  An opening presentation and quiz.
  2.  Each of the five schools generated an initial idea.
  1.  Two ideas were chosen and more detail was added to them.

The Five Game Ideas

1. Polluto – Polluto and his army are trying to stop you from making the world a better place. You only have a certain amount of time in each level. Can you solve the problems and find the green portal in time?

2. Walk around the World – Your character visits different parts of the world to solve environmental problems. As you try to solve problems such as removing litter, people create more!

3. Eco Factory – This is a game of mini games such as eco Pac Man. When you successfully complete a mini game, you earn part of an eco factory. When your factory is complete it will create eco products such as recycled pencils.

4. Eco Busters – You move through rooms in houses with your pet Munchie solving eco problems. As you and Munch (who can eat rubbish) solve problems you earn credits that enable you to buy more items such as another Munchie. The winning idea.

5. Eco Party Planning – Every party creates a mess! But if you can clear up and recycle everything properly you earn money. With the extra money your next party can be even better, but if you don’t earn money then your next party is going to be rubbish.

Using games based learning in a Liverpool City of Culture event. Cover of (with link to) games-ED - Games Based Situated Learning Theory paper.

Games Design Workshop Report

Participating Primary Schools:

Schools from St Helens Local Area Partnership for Creative Learning:

  1. Allanson Street Primary School
  1. Merton Bank Primary School
  1. Nutgrove Methodist Community Primary School
  2. St.Marys & St.Thomas Church of England Primary School
  3. St.Theresa's Catholic Primary School

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Full Report