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Sustainaville is a games based learning programme that simulates a virtual community. The simulation games can be used in a lesson or can be used to anchor an Enterprise Day. The game is run on a single computer. Eight teams take on different roles within the virtual community and play 3 or 4 virtual years consisting of plan > do > review cycles.

Target audience

Sustainaville can be used to:

• Teach Enterprise students from Key Stage 2 through to tertiary education.

• Teach other subjects such as Geography, Citizenship, PHSE, Leisure & Tourism, Business Studies, Economics and Environmental Studies.

• Develop staff, providing a vehicle to gain skills and also acting as a team building tool.

Method of delivery

Sustainaville can be delivered entirely by school/college staff. Alternatively, we can come in and deliver a session at your school. Further down the line, students who are experienced in the game can deliver to others.

The games are easy to deliver with inbuilt help and are supplied with pdfs of a teaching guide, worksheets and materials needed to run a successful enterprise activity.

Eco-Schools / Enterprise Brochure

Focus of Sustainaville teaching

Sustainaville helps learners to understand the importance of businesses in providing employment and prosperity. Learners understand how investment and specific sector skills underpin sustainable growth plus how generic skills and business improvements impact on competitiveness. They also discover that businesses do not operate in a vacuum and that social and environmental factors can both impact on the success of businesses and can be made worse by business activities.

The game allows the learners to practice skills that they and businesses need. They develop strategies, plan actions and manage budgets. They make choices and work within constraints. They use decision-making skills, practice problem-solving skills and work in teams.

Teaching Methods Deployed

• Debates

• Discussions (experience transfer)

• Educational games

• Role-playing

• Simulations

• Pupil/student-led activities or exercises.

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