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games-ED Quotes

The following quotes are taken from feedback forms for Games Based Learning programmes using games-ED products and approach (some are derived from the Climate Crew bespoke development project).

Educator Quotes

“The students were engaged in the activity and enjoyed seeing the results of their decisions.“ - Assistant Head, Central Foundation Girls School, Tower Hamlets.

Class Teacher / Deputy Head Mellor Primary School, Stockport:

What did you like most about Sustainaville workshop?

“The workshop for teachers and governors has helped us in developing the role of Eco Committee and whole-school curriculum approach to sustainability.” - Deputy Head, Waterloo Primary School, Sefton.  

“Shows that we can all make a difference if we all work together.” - Assistant Head Waterloo Primary School, Sefton.  

“Informative and fun. Will helps students think more globally.”  Rated 5 out 5 for content, engagement, presentation and relevance. - Lecturer Liverpool, John Moores University.

“When I put together an induction week programme there was always a compromise between introducing the key concepts of the course and encouraging the students to communicate with each other and staff.  [Sustainaville] allows me to achieve both these goals in a very entertaining way.  It always amazes me that after a single day I can introduce most of the concepts of Urban Sustainable Development and they also know each other’s names as well!” - John Grant, Course Leader HND Real Estate, Sheffield Hallam University.

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the project and could confidently talk about what they had been doing and talk through their ideas. They have gained fantastic skills!” - Teacher from Mill Green Special School, Newton le Willows.

“I think the project made a good impact on the student’s personal skills. Our students had the opportunity to work with a range of different people, and their confidence and enthusiasm for the project shone through!” - Teacher from Mill Green Special School, Newton le Willows.

“The pupils gained experiences they could not have encountered elsewhere.” - Teacher St. Aelreds Catholic Technology College.

“All the young people have gained knowledge in Climate Change issues and it got them really thinking about the consequences. In the debate sessions they were all confident to speak up and give their views on how they can make a difference by instigating the smallest of things.” - St. Lukes Guide Leader, St Helens

Learner Quotes

“It was fun to work in a group and run a town because we could improve the community.” - Pupil, Central Foundation Girls School, Tower Hamlets.

“I liked the way we had a lot of freedom, and it was exciting to find out the difference after each round. I also liked the money thing.” - Pupil, Mellor Primary School, Stockport.

“The game makes you think about the city, if we mistreat it, it could give Liverpool a bad name – less tourists, and less money for the city.” – Pupil, Liverpool Schools Parliament.

“It has given me the confidence, that I have the ability to influence people.” – Pupil, Liverpool Schools Parliament.

“There are many issues that affect a community that all link to each other.” – Pupil, Liverpool Schools Parliament.

“After playing the game I now appreciate the simple things that government does.” – Pupil, Liverpool Schools Parliament.