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Case Study: Climate Crew

Rising temperatures will bring extreme weather and increase sea levels. Animals, plants and people could all be affected. The young people of St. Helens rose to the challenge – Climate Crew was formed.

Climate Crew developed skills and experience while creating a climate change games based learning product. The game was fun (obviously) and helped change St.Helens.

Climate Crew was made up of young people from secondary schools (St. Aelreds RC Technology College and Mill Green School (SEN)) and St Lukes girl guides.

Bespoke Games Based

Learning Workshop Programme

Workshop 1 - Creative Skills

Developing designs and images for the project’s marketing materials and game graphics.

Workshop 2 - Computer Games Design

Game theory and design of the Climate Game given constraints (time and budget).

Workshop 3 - Computer Games Build

Development of the interface, Easter eggs (hidden parts of the game), core algorithm and character.

Workshop 4 - Testing

Playing the game and ironing out any bugs.

Launch the game.

Main menu of Climate Crew on-line games based learning.

The Climate Crew Story

The students thoroughly enjoyed the project and were able to come back to school and confidently talk about what they had been doing and talk through their ideas. They have gained fantastic skills!